When is cookie cutter good?


One of the complaints I read the most about low-code tools or code generators in general is that they are too “cookie cutter”. I just made a google search to find the advantages and disadvantages of actual cookie cutters and I think they share some with low-code tools. Let us look at some desirable characteristics of cookie cutters:

  • They easily cut complex details
  • They are flexible enough to allow easy cleaning

Of course, the main attractive of cookie cutters is that they allow to make a certain cookie design in a very predictable, easy and reproducible way.

Low-code tool are exactly the same. They allow to make a certain software design in a very predictable, easy and reproducible way. One of the main advantages is that they remove boilerplate and complex details. Of course, there is no cleaning involved with low-code tools, but some flexibility is also needed o add some extra behavior when needed.

The main problem I see with low-code tools is that, contrary to standard cookie cutters, it is very hard to see what you can and specially cannot do. The process of choosing a tool that can satisfy your needs and give you all the benefits you expect becomes thus risky.

Thus, I think that being cookie-cutter is a good thing, you just need to get the cookie-cutter that you need.

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