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What is low-code?

I’ve been working with DSLs since 2009, but I’ve recently become aware of the term low code. Looking at Wikipedia, it seems the term first appears in a Forrester report from 2014. Prior to that there were application development (RAP) and fourth-generation programming languages. The idea was always the same: improve the development speed by having more high level tools.

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How DSLs can remove the bottleneck from the development team

In his book, The Goal, Eliyahu M. Goldratt presents a way to optimize a plant using his Theory of Constraints. This book lays out the concepts that later will inspire the agile methodologies, which is applying the Theory of Constraints to the development of software. The book The Phoenix Project relates the concepts explained in The Goal with IT and software development.

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Basic concepts: Metamodeling

This is an informal introduction to metamodeling. The target audience for this post are developers that find themselves working with metamodeling tools but have never been introduced to them and need a basic understanding to finish the task at hand. What Is a Metamodel? Let us start with a simple example, your software needs to represent arithmetic expression additions.

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