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Xtext vs ANTLR vs Parser Combinators

So you have decided that you need a parser, a real one. Now you need to decide what to use to implement that parser. There are several choices: Create your own parser manually Use a parser combinator library like fastparse or parboiled2 Use a parser generator, like Antlr Use a language workbench, like Xtext or Langium Each choice has advantages and disadvantages that I will discuss in this post.

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Xtext Tip: Embrace Model-Driven Development

Xtext has a strong foundation in Model-Driven Development. Most people who start working with it do not realize that from the beginning and then find themselves in troubles because of that. If you are using Xtext, it is worth learning: what a metamodel is The tooling around modeling in Eclipse, this is: MWE2 EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) At least the basics of Model Driven Engineering/Development Knowing this will allow you to use Xtext in the way it was intended and work around its limitations.

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