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Low-code development vs. MDE

Today I want to share with you this excellent article about MDE (Model-Driven Engineering) and low-code platforms that I found through Twitter. The article is titled Low-code development and model-driven engineering: Two sides of the same coin?. The paper explores the commonalities and differences of the two approaches and throws very good insights on the different concepts.

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The main problem you will face when choosing a low-code platform

Today I found thread on reddit about a programmer being put on a no-code project and having a very bad time with it. The complaint from the OP was that PMs/managers promised things that are not deliverable with the low-code tools. The comments were very interesting and there was some discussion that not all low-code platform are made equal, some are very extensible while other are useful only for a set of use cases.

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What is low-code?

I’ve been working with DSLs since 2009, but I’ve recently become aware of the term low code. Looking at Wikipedia, it seems the term first appears in a Forrester report from 2014. Prior to that there were application development (RAP) and fourth-generation programming languages. The idea was always the same: improve the development speed by having more high level tools.

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